Deliver Strong Finishes

I am writing this article purely from a student’s mind. I do not yet have the knowledge, nor the skill or the experience to be teaching, but over the past few months, I have learned one thing: CONSISTENT STRONG FINISHES. As training time is limited, I still struggle to get into the habit of following through to ensure strong finishes. The good news is, I realise this, and Arno is doing a great job in constantly refocussing my thoughts on finishing the job as quickly and effectively as possible.

So what stops me from delivering good solid strikes and a strong finish? Well foremost, it’s not having the proper mind-set when going into training, but this we will cover on a later stage. And secondly it is because I am so focussed on trying to get it right and do it perfectly, that I interrupt myself halfway through the drill instead of finishing it. We instead need to realise that there is no consistent reliable result when fighting. We need to strike and strike again until we are clear of impending danger.

Kelly McCann explains this in his book ‘Combatives for Street Survival’: “Whenever a student is unhappy with how he executed a technique, it’s not uncommon for him to interrupt the move, ask a question, express his dissatisfaction or finish it in a half-assed way out of frustration. It’s one of the worst habits students develop if they’re not corrected. IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER. On street you’d never stop pressing your attack if your ax hand wasn’t up to par or your shin kick missed, so don’t stop in training.”

So students, do not stop half way through your drill, keep delivering solid strikes, until the threat has been eliminated.

Regards, Thelmarie Smit

Special thanks to Kelly McCann @


One thought on “Deliver Strong Finishes

  1. Very True! Mindset, Mindset, Mindset!

    Seems to be my biggest hurdle as well, but it has improved since i started the Combatives.

    Still struggling to find that killer instinct, i know i have the never say down one set, but the get in get it done get out is still lacking!


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