I Smell a License Rat/Fiasco

Yes many would say just leave it at that, but as the title indicates you can add in whatever word you would like above. If a “Big Brother” exists then I hope they do what they supposed to and read this. So I have a student which we will call X, been training in combatives for a while and attending shooting courses borrowing pistols to work with. So X saved up enough money to purchase a pistol finally, and have enough money to do the competency. Now in the meantime it seems that SASSETA or whatever has fallen away and a private company is handling all of this, irrespective of the company my first words that came to my mind is that this is the second worst thing that could ever happen to firearm owners, first one was the new FCA and people lining up on to be able to provide “competency training” Most people told me know that this is great news, I said no, still I have not checked into the new development neither do I care, but my words was not cold then the following happened: X went for competency training, but by pure accident the premises that X used is accredited with the new ‘company in charge’ and so is the instructor, so all should be fine and well then, NOT. X filled in all the application forms received the competency and of X goes to hand in the application at Lyttelton and here is where everything starts going wrong, as I predicted, firstly they refuse to accept the application as the competency is not “correct” bear in mind this has been done through the new accredited people, X gets send back, a week later and nothing has been sorted as no one can provide any answers, but everyone advices X that the certificate is indeed valid and X should demand that they accept it, so back X goes! Once again they refuse to accept it and now X is also told that the motivation is incorrect as it should be at least 8 pages long and it will be refused as it has to contain crime statistics of the area news clippings of crime etc. I saw the motivation and it was a bloody good one, and yes the competency is still invalid, but wait that is not all, X is also now informed that there are a place close by that will do a sterling job with the motivation for a mere R400 and then all will be fine, no really unless you don’t have a nose you should smell something fishy here! Now after endless phone calls X received the information that the competency certificate should go back to the institution to get a bar code or something printed on the back of the certificate, that is not all, this has to be done in business hours, so X now has to put in for leave to do this. Ok so there is a new system in place that will be making everything easier, so easier means paying R2500 for all 4 unit standards, receiving the ”wrong” certificate, having to drive and phone around like a crazy person just to hear that the certificate must go back and get something on it, and if the application is to be accepted at the DFO X has to fork out another R400 for someone to write “sorry I mean print out” 9 pages for a motivation that will be accepted. So I come back to my statement of saying when I said this is probably the second worst thing that could happen, now before anyone jumps on their high horses and say yes but it still needs implementation yada yada, all of these great new changes is not working from the word go, and is supposedly in place to help and assist. Really if I was a new firearm owner like X, but not as dedicated, I will be tempted to call it a day and say enough is enough. Can anyone out there please convince me on how we are creating more firearm owners and assisting people, maybe I just don’t understand. I have always stated that we ‘FIREARM OWNERS” are our own worst enemy and we will make sure that we are responsible for our own demise!




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