Close Protection or Third Party Drills


Firstly note, training in this environment is dangerous by nature, especially with ricochets.
When training for defensive purposes take away the planning and walk through’s, teach yourself to not see all targets as shooting targets, meaning don’t just shoot all of them, decide which ones you will shoot as you are busy.
This will teach you to make decisions and problem solve as you go along. This will induce stress, you will start getting tunnel vision, be less smooth ,slower , less accurate and it will be a struggle, almost sounds like a real fight doesn’t it?

In the next clip, I did not plan anything, like just about all my training, the stoppage was a big surprise to me as well. That brings the next question, in such an environment what will your reaction be, will it be your standard tap rack, and try and be fast?
If you shoot at super speed you will probably be concentrating only on the shooting part, and not assessing and deciding what to do, one of the draw backs of going to fast.
My reaction was immediately that the attackers was still on top of me and fixing the stoppage without buying time could cost me dearly.
And that’s what training is about, problem.solving. Go out and break free from the usual and put yourself under some pressure, it might not be pretty, but will teach you many lessons.



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