2 Day Combative Pistol

2 day combativ pistolWe have noticed a huge gap between mere shooting skills as opposed to fighting skills with the handgun. Students generally find the transition very hard, and most often end up in the wrong class/course that already requires a solid understanding of handgun combatives.

There is also a huge misconception among people that the requirements for a combative pistol course is that you have to be super fit and conditioned, this is not true at all, and should not affect your decision to partake at all, all fitness and skill levels are welcome.

We have spent a lot of time on creating a brand new 2 day Combative Pistol Essential Course. Firstly one day just is not enough to grasp the concept, and also not enough time to make the students understand what is required to bridge the gap between shooting and combative shooting.

If you were ever looking to expand your training into the combative / fighting world then this is the course for you.
Here is a brief outline of what will be covered in the two days:
• Lecture into combative pistol
• Combative Pistol Essentials concerning the pistol
• Evaluation shoot
• Review and cleaning up the essentials / grip/ draw/sights etc.
• Busy hands/body shooting drills as well as directional shooting
• Empty hand offense based defence drills (partner drills)
• Offensive based draws combined with directional shooting
• Basic strikes and kicks/incorporating the draw
• Working from behind the power curve and under a firearm attack
• Flinch Shooting
• QCB introduction
• Multiple target/distance engagement
• Finally putting it all together
• Evaluation shoot

You will require at least 300 rounds for the two days 400 will be better if you can afford it.

Own firearm and spare magazines; come dressed as you are most likely to be dressed on a daily basis.

Own eye and ear protection, own refreshments as well.


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