Confined Space Close Quarter Kembativ Pistol

If you have been training for a while and have done any combative type training, then you would have noticed that there is a disparity between the positions that you get yourself into when you have a training partner, and when you perform close in shooting.

In this course we will be pushing the envelope to get shooting done in as close as possible as to how partner sparring ends up in.
We will obviously firstly cover all the fundamentals on CQB shooting, but after that we will change it dramatically.

Have you ever stopped and thought about the fact that in training people generally perform shooting on a big flat open range, how does this relate to you getting out of your vehicle in your garage/ parking area, how does this relate to smaller rooms with furniture in as well as innocent people that you have to protect?

The dynamics of a close in attack is fast and wild with many obstacles to overcome.
In this course you will have to rely on just about all of your fighting skills in a 360 degree environment, and also account for third party protection.

To outline this course will be difficult at best, but the following is very important:

• No beginners
• Proper eye protection (we will be working in the kill house)
• Ear protection, please bring along plug in protection as well
• Comfortable clothing that represent your normal carry with EDC gear
• Round count estimate at 250 (I have not shot all the drills so details to follow)
• Own refreshments
• Personal protection gear if you have any
• Couple of old T shirts

We will be experimenting with different target set ups as well. Some will work some not.

Bookings will be essential, we cannot for example take 12/14 people per course due to the dynamics a as well as multiple “single shoots” you will be performing, so space is indeed very limited.

Price R700 per person this includes your R100 range fees
R350 non-refundable deposit secures your booking ( if you cancel then money will simply role over to a next course)
Please contact me for any further details.


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