Home Invasion

Violent home invasion I a harsh reality for us, and sometimes even with the best “layered protection and warning system” attackers still break through.

The reality of a violent home invasion is that you will probably be faced with multiple armed assailants in very confined areas. Adding to an already bad situation I that in a home or building the chances are very good that the assailants will and can fight back, one of the reasons is that you might find yourself in a position than can block the assailants escape route, and when they are cornered it is very natural to fight back.

Facing violent home invasions is one of the most difficult scenarios to prepare. Firstly you might be “forced” to move through the house to be able to get to other people in your house, even with a team of people this is very difficult to perform, you also face the problem to find yourself in a room facing 3 or more attackers, not much space to move around with the added issue of furniture in and around you. As you can imagine this is a daunting task and fighting dynamics inside your house I very complex to say the least.

We will be covering various aspects, such as barricading yourself, use of cover, moving around a building, exfiltration of innocent people, fast and slow exists as well as breaking the plane. We will also cover the extreme dynamics of being cornered and in extreme close proximity with multiple attackers, as well as placing an innocent person next to you.

This is by far one of our most complex courses, with a massive amount of concentration and a huge demand on firearm safety; if you for instance get one finger call on the course then you will not be able to proceed.
This course is unfortunately not for beginner; you don’t have to be a championship shooter, but will have to have your handling skills as well as safety skills well under the belt, a good understanding of CQB fundamentals as well as combative skills.

This course is also very time consuming a we utilize the “kill house” and only one person at a time can shoot, so places are extremely limited due to the time consuming nature of the course, and also a more expensive course than other due to the smaller numbers and intensity.
You will require your own firearm, magazines and normal carry set up.

It is almost impossible to state the round count for this course as each student will solve the problem as he or she sees fit, but a bare average round count is between 250 and 300.


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