Kembativ Transition and Confined Area Fighting

Join us for fast paced two day course, now for the first time you could also sign up for one day only.

Day One:
Skills test
Combative strikes and kicks
Intergrating strikes and kicks simulations
Strikes and kicks and transitioning to multiple targets live fire
Close quarter fundamentals
Basic knife attack and pistols defense

200 rounds

Day Two:
We will spend most of the day in the kill house, please note this is not a house clearing course, but we will be utilising the small rooms to simulate multiple attackers in confined areas.

Both dry and live simulations will be done in the house, from a single attacker to multiple attackers with various weapons.

All your skills will be tested in this high stress enviroment.

150 rounds

No new or beginner firearm owners
Own eye and ear protection
Concealed carry setup
Own refreshments
If you have you can bring along own fighting gear like gloves, groin protection etc.
Own handgun and at least one spare magazine
Own pain medicine : )

Please bring R100 cash for each day for range fees, rage fees are not included in the training price, and neither is ammunition.

Cost if only attending one day – R500
Price if attending both days -R800