Situational Combative Pistol

Sudden ViolenceHave you ever done a course feeling that you have been short changed, learning nothing more than absolute basics?

Well then you have not done our 2 day Situational Combative Pistol Course (SCPC)

Confrontations are violent by its very nature, and pure shooting skills will not always pull you through.

Merely shooting at static targets can be nothing more than pure marksmanship skills. What you require is a holistic approach to fighting!

Our SCPC is geared towards preparing you for real world confrontation and fighting, both unarmed and with your handgun and other tools. The course entails amongst other the following.
• Introduction to Fighting (Lecture)
• Essential Pistol Skills
• Essential Combative Skills
• Situational and Unconventional shooting positions
• Close and Extreme Close Battle
• Essential knife offense
• Essential firearm offense

This is a very hard and energetic course, during the 2 days we will be covering a lot of work and students will be exposed to many new concepts:

Day 1
• Introduction and Theory as well as safety
• Live Fire Essential Skills
• Combative Strikes
• Live fire incorporating Combative Strikes
• Combative Leg Work
• Sequencing and live fire drills
• Knife offense (drills for knife attacks)
• Live Fire
• Wrap up

Day 2
• Review of previous day
• Close Quarter Shooting Live Fire
• Weapon disarms
• Unconventional Shooting positions
• Situational Stress drills
• Wrap Up

Above is just brief overview of all the work that will be covered. Please note that is not a course for beginners.

• Own Handgun
• Eye and Ear protection plus plug in type ear protection
• Own food and drinks
• Normal carry set up
• 600 rounds (you could use less)
• Protection gear (MMA Gloves, head guard. Mouth guard etc.) Optional
• Range Times from 08H00 to 17H00 Saturday
• From 08H00 to 16H00 Sunday


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