Vehicle Violence

This is probably our most popular course. Our focus on this course is on civilian type attacks when in and around your vehicle. All subjects will be covered with “victim mobile and trapped” unarmed as well as armed attacker.
• Offense outside the vehicle
• Offense inside the vehicle
• Situational offense
• Combative pistol outside the vehicle
• Combative pistol inside the vehicle

Above is only a broad outline of the course. 200-300 rounds of ammunition required, bring along own food and drinks. Attend the course with your daily carry setup.
Extra Equipment Requirements (optional)
• MMA Gloves
Head gear, mouth guard, groin protection, elbow protection
• Hand and Gear sanitizer
• Own basic first aid like plasters etc.
• Kicking shields Thai Pads

Remember this is a fighting course, lots of physical contact, so come prepared and have no ego.Going to be a blast.


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